Friday, October 8, 2010

Love this!

I totally forgot to tell this as part of yesterday's post. But I guess it deserves it's own post.

Last week, I got this email from my aunt:
Lindsey is Star of the Week in her class this week and today's activity is to bring in a special item and tell the class about it for Show and Tell. Lindsey brought in the crayon holder that you made her for Christmas last year!! Awww... :-)
Lindsey is my 6 year old cousin. My aunt and {former} uncle adopted her and her sister Hayley {age 8} from China. They are the cutest little girls ever. They love Mr. Crafty. He is their personal jungle gym when we see them because he flips them over and gets silly with them. {The last two times we saw them, he made the mistake of doing a tough arm workout at the gym in the morning and kept complaining to me how much his arms hurt. Hehe}
This is the crayon holder that my aunt is referring to {except that Lindsey's has an "L" on it}:

You can make your own by following the very first tutorial I ever wrote here.

And the owners of a wedding quilt I made last summer posted this on Facebook recently too. With the caption: "Thanks for the quilt, Jennifer! Molly loves it."

Just gotta love when people love the things you lovingly made for them :-)

Tomorrow, I am getting together with the Tucson Modern Quilt Guild ladies for a little sewing time. Yippee!!! We're each going to make a block or two for a Breast Cancer quilt that we'll then donate.

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Anonymous said...

I love that the colour sections on the inside of the crayon roll that match the crayons. :D