Monday, July 26, 2010

Quick baby tutorial

Haha, I guess that should read Quick Tutorial for Baby. That sounds like I am giving you a quick tutorial on how to make a baby, not make something for baby...
Hehe, that photo's title on my computer is "baby tie onesie 007". Little baby James Bond :-)

Anywhoooo, I had a baby shower to go to on Saturday {same day as my anniversary with Mr. Crafty} and I debated briefly about not going, since it was my anniversary and I purposely took a day off from homework {it's finals week for my two summer classes, ahhhhhh!} to spend with Mr. Crafty. And Mr. Crafty has been super understanding about the lack of fun I have been since January.

Except that I've known my friend that is expecting her first baby for about 25 years. We met when we were in kindergarten and her mom was our Girl Scout leader for 13 years. So how could I not go?

Jaime & her hubby Keith are expecting a boy around August 19th. Too many of my friends are having kids for me to be able to keep up with making baby quilts but I wanted to make something for Jaime's little boy. I've seen some of these on Etsy and I knew I could make my own.

Now I should mention that I got home from a 10 mile run and shopping for the shower around 10:30am, needed to shower, blow dry my hair & get ready for the shower that started at 1pm. And I managed to do all of those things, despite my fight with my sewing machine. More on that fight later.

All I used for this project is:
*Onesie (mine was 6-9 months, I didn't want to make it too small so his window to wear it would be too small)
*Scrap of fabric - I picked black with swirls but I debated about using something more kid-like. But this way he can have a "dressy" onesie, right?
*Heat N Bond Lite
*Coordinating thread
*Sewing machine

Step 1: Attach a small piece of Heat N Bond to scrap of fabric. Little trick here: I cut my Heat N Bond a little bigger than my scrap and iron onto a paper bag instead of my ironing board cover. That way, the Heat N Bond goes all the way to the edges and I don't have to worry about placement or accidentially getting the sticky Heat N Bond on my ironing board {which I may or may not have done before}
Step 2: Sketch out your tie and cut it out
Step 3: Peel off Heat N Bond backing and position on onesie. Iron the tie onto onesie (follow directions on Heat N Bond packaging). Now the Heat N Bond will hold the applique to the onesie on it's own but I zigzag stitched around the edges of mine to prevent fraying. But you can be done here, if you want & then this is a no-sew project.
Step 4: Place stabilizer on the inside of the onesie. I pinned mine down really well because the onesie had lots of stretch to it. Also, be careful when you are sewing that you do not accidentially sew the back of the onesie to the front. There isn't as much play in this project as there are in larger ones so just be conscious of that when sewing.
{Here is where the sewing machine & I got into a fight. My thread kept breaking and what should have taken me about 2 minutes took about 20. I wasn't in love with how my stitching came out but I got to the point where it looked OK and I was done. I mean really done}

Step 5: Remove excess stabilizer from the back. This will be up against baby's skin so you want to make sure to get as much of it off as you can. I use the tear-away stabilizer.

And you are done!

And not to be outdone, this adorableness is going on behind me. Which is good because I was convinced that someone gave Trixie (the new kitten) some crack or an entire bag of sugar or something because she was going crazy earlier. She attacked my head while I was writing a paper on the couch earlier. Just a couple days ago, Rory stopped hissing at her and running away and started playing with her. Now Trixie won't leave her alone.

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