Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Attempting to be witty and crafty

In my free time, there are a few things I like to do. In general, I used to consider myself pretty crafty. Then I got a look at what the real crafty people on the web can do! I aspire to someday be able to do a portion of the creative crafts and blogs that I have seen.

Yesterday, I found this great "how-to" on converting old t-shirts to yoga pants. The second I get in the house after a day spent in work clothing (a.k.a. business casual), I usually throw on my favorite pair of yoga capris. Of course, once I realized how much I loved my yoga capris I ran back to Old Navy and tried to buy more pairs but they had already changed the design :-( The photo in the how-to looked a lot like the yoga pants I love so I figured I'd give it a try.

Within an hour, I made my "pattern" and sewed 2 pairs of yoga capris. I searched through Dan's XL t-shirts and took a couple old shirts he never wears. Now I have a yellow pair made from his Hattery-Nelson-Orr Reunion t-shirt and a black pair made from his "Mike's 50th" t-shirt. For some reason, his mom's family made t-shirts for events we came to the riverhouse in Iowa a couple of years in a row. And now they are yoag carpis. I didn't even have to sew a hem - the bottom t-shirt hem is the bottom of the legs.

I am also trying to secretly work on Dan's Super Mario Bros. quilt for his birthday - which is Saturday. I hope to have Mario and a 1-up mushroom done by the time he gets home from work around 12:30pm. Mario is probably another 30min-hour away from being complete and I just laid out the pieces for the mushroom this morning. My excuse for being so far behind is I can only work on it when he is not home - meaning about 1.5 hours when he is at the gym or when he works Saturday mornings when I get home from my 8, 10, 12 or 14 mile runs. Oh, I got the idea for the quilt from here but I am making all the different objects & characters from the NES games so I am making them a LOT smaller. I will have different versions of Mario & Luigi, Princess Peach (as a redhead!), and some of the goombas and other "villians"

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