Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Super Mario Bros. Quilt for my man Dan

Here is the start of the quilt I am making for Dan. I intended it to be a birthday gift (his b-day was Saturday) but once I got started I quickly realized there was NO WAY I was going to get close to finishing before his actual birthday. So I decided to get a start on it. Oh, and I could only work on it when he wasn't home - which ended up being evenings he went to the gym (also meaning no gym for me) and the Saturday mornings he worked after I got home from my 8, 10 or 12 mile runs.

I had hoped to get the mushroom done too but he ended up leaving work early last Thursday and going to the gym before I got home and then he didn't have to work on Saturday morning. Which was nice for him, since it was his birthday but it meant I didn't get the 1-up mushroom done. I got the 1-up part done & laid out the rest (covered by my cutting mat), so I gave him a photo of the pieces I laid out.

Each piece is 1" before I start and 1/2" once it's sewn. I got the idea here but I wanted more characters from the NES Super Mario Bros. games (1-3) so I made my Mario pieces waaaaay smaller. I plan to have different Marios (fire suit, frog, etc), Luigi, Princess Peach (as a red head, of course), goombas, koopas, etc.

Oh, Mario finished is about 8" x 8.5". I think I will add a border of some sort but I haven't decided the color or thickness.

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