Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bee blocks done for Pastor Katie

Since I started classes a couple weeks ago, I haven't had as much time for crafting as I would like :-( But I needed to finish Katie's blocks for our bee because January is almost over. And Katie was nice enough to send everything before the holidays so we could work on them early - which I planned to do.

Friday night and yesterday morning (after I finished my homework) I was finally able to work on Katie's blocks. I made the first one nearly a month ago and had the fabric cut for the second one. Katie wanted 6.5" star blocks and sent us some ideas but really let us do whatever we wanted, as long as it was a star or a nine-patch. Thanks for the freedom Katie!

These are the blocks I made for Katie. She only asked for 2 but I was on a roll so I made 4! The first block I made was a sawtooth star but I added a pinwheel middle instead of a plain square. I made a pinwheel quilt recently and apparently am still in a pinwheel mood.
The block to the right of the sawtooth is a variation of Silly BooDilly's wonky star tutorial from Sewtakeahike called "Twinkle twinkle wonky star". It was fun to do but I want to try it again. I liked the end result but didn't love it.
The block below the sawtooth is the friendship star. This is the first block from the Block Party Quilt Along, which is how all the participants in our bee met. The last block is the pale star, which Katie provided the instructions on how to make.
All the blocks were fun and it was nice to be able to do a mini sampler of stars and not be bogged down with 20-50 of the same star over and over, like you might do making an entire quilt for yourself.


Jeanne said...

These are really great, Jennifer. You worked hard on these, I can tell!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Jeanne! I had a lot of fun making them

Katie Bishop said...

And I love them too! Thank you!