Friday, July 16, 2010

Newest member of the crafty household...

I called Mr. Crafty late in the work day yesterday because we hadn't chatted on Google Talk all day. Sometimes that happens because he is too busy and other times it happens because he forgot his phone {his company doesn't allow him to download the app to his computer like mine does - I guess that's a perk of working for the university because it's certainly not the pay!}. Anyway, Mr. Crafty mentioned that there was a summer special going on at the Humane Society and did we want to go there after work...

I said "Of course! But I forgot my phone at home so you want me to meet you there?"

And when I got there, Mr. Crafty was nowhere to be found. A couple minutes later, he came out of the cat adoption room and said "I found a really sweet kitty named Boots." So we went back together to look at "Boots" the female kitten he found. She was in the cage below the kitten he had seen online that he thought I might like but that kitten was sleeping. "Boots" was up against the bars of her cage meowing and purring. She was even kneading the bars of the cage. We walked around looking at the other cats and kittens because we always want to rescue a cat because more people come to adopt the kittens.

We also had to think about how the new kitty would fit with our current kitties {a.k.a. the crafty assistants}. But I also knew that Mr. Crafty had fallen for "Boots" - this from a man that never wanted to have a cat when we met. I grew up with cats and he grew up with dogs. Maggie was his first cat ever. And he totally loves her. And Rory too.

So Trixie came home with us last night! She's about 4 months old and was a feral cat but is a total sweetheart. She has not stopped purring and climbed all over me on the couch last night. She kept trying to "help" me with my homework while the laptop was in my lap.

Needless to say, Maggie and Rory are not too happy with us right now. They both should be fine after the adjustment period. My sweet {but punkass} Rory even bit and hissed at me this morning when I tried to pet her. But earlier, while Trixie is confined to the bathroom for part of the day so Maggie & Rory can have much of their house back for a bit, Rory followed me in the kitchen and meowed for my attention. She let me pick her up and love on her. She just isn't used to having to share attention with any other cat.

Trixie & Rory are about to meet up for about the 3rd time. This one didn't go much better than any of the others, it involved hissing but no actual fighting

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Anonymous said...

A 'summer special' at the humane society - it sure beats buy one get one free on beans at Tesco!