Monday, July 12, 2010


Mr. Crafty & I spent part of yesterday rearranging half our house. We swapped our living room and dining room areas. We discovered recently, after 5 years in our house!, that the AC blows directly onto the far wall of the dining room area. The cats knew it but we didn't.

See that green painting on the wall, that's where the AC blows.

Below is a tour of the old living room. Excuse our mess, we opted not to straighten it up because we have to find new homes for everything. I am getting my own little crafty corner (where the Vegas poster is now). Pics of the finished new room will be posted once we finish sorting it out :-)

The black leather love seat used to be under the green painting but we sold it last weekend at my yard sale fundraiser for Team In Training & the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (click the link for more info).
Our DVD's were next to my crafting bookcase. Unfortunately, this does not hold all my crafty supplies. My neglected scrapbook stuff is on a different bookcase in teh closet of our office/guest room.
Watching "Ace of Cakes" as we move. I love Duff and his staff! They crack me up. Did you see the rollercoaster cake?
See the Las Vegas poster and the medusa lamp? That's gonna be my crafty corner. All those boxes of books (left over from Crafty Momma from my yard sale) in front of the black leather couch - those are going to my favorite used bookstore this week.
Mr. Crafty was making a weird face. Say hi to Mr. Crafty! So I substituted this smiley one instead. That couch is 8 1/2 feet long and I love that I can nap on it without being in the fetal position. See my cute lamps I scored a few weeks ago on either side?
Our dining room table/my sewing table. I think we've eaten dinner there just a handful of times. We also have had a few crazy Target boxed wine and card nights with friends there. Before you clown on the Target boxed wine, you should try it. Quite tasty! And the equivalent of 4 bottles for $16.99.
And we're back around to about where we started. That's the kitchen you can see in the distance. And those are Mr. Crafty's Craftsman tools that are looking for a good new home in the revamped new room. He got a bunch from his grandpa recently and more from his parents when they moved to American Samoa last month.
Rory was "helping". This was taken mid-move. She actually stayed on the back of the black leather couch as we moved it across the room. She looked freaked but I think she was more scared to try to jump off it at that point.
I think we wore her out. Some helper she is!
Maggie spent the moving time under our bed. She was not too impressed when she came out of hiding. I think her eyes say it all...

Next month marks my 1 year blog-iversary. I've got a fun giveaway planned...

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Becky said...

My kids used to tease me about rearranging the furniture "every other day." It was really about every 6 months ;)

It always helped me get rid of stuff.

We have the same Las Vegas poster!! It's such a good one isn't it?