Friday, August 27, 2010

This morning's amusement

I don't often talk about work around here. I work for a state university in their Extended Campuses. Which means these days {not the "glory days" three years ago} there is very little money for even office supplies.

Mr. Crafty likes to joke about how I work for Northern Arizona University in southern Arizona. Yes, I work for Northern Arizona University in southern Arizona {we're a 4 hour drive from the main campus but the entire Extended Campuses divsion accounts for 1/3rd of NAU's students}. I don't know why Mr. Crafty finds this so amusing, he finished the degree he started at the main campus in Flagstaff here in Tucson and is the "poster child" for Extended Campuses. Ok, maybe not the poster child... but he really is exactly like the students we see here. But I digress...

Part of my job, and now an ever increasing part of my job, is recruiting. Remember how I said that we are a state university and we have very little money? When our higher ups announced this new recruitiment push, we asked if we could have our color laser printer back. No printer :-(

So next I asked if I could get 1 ream of each color of paper. Yes, just one ream. And I got it. I think I actually did a happy dance when my coworker told me she was ordering color paper for me and what colors did I want.

So today, I am updating my recruiting bag {which is a 5 year old scrapbooking bag bought online from Joann's for half price that is falling apart} and I pulled my reams of color paper out of their hiding place. Oh yes, I have to hide them or our faculty would have used them up by now. No joke. One of our faculty members took the brand new spindle of 100 CD's from the supply cabinet. We haven't been able to replace it yet so if I need to take a powerpoint or something with me, I have to put it on my personal thumb drive or email it to myself. So you can see why my reams of color paper were hidden. Ahhh, I digressed again...

So these are the pretty views I got while manning {or womanning} the copier.

Anyone else see a future quilt in there? I sure do! The white sheets in between the colors are my originals and they definitely look like sashing to me.

Look at those strata of pretty! Yes, that's a geology reference. It's like the layers of strata in the Grand Canyon or Sedona but in color paper.

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Sara said...

This post made me laugh because it takes ALL people to run a business! AND some cannot LEAVE what is not theirs alone I tell ya- LOL!