Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday

So this week has been crazy! Like crazy, crazy.

Last night was the first meeting of the Tucson Modern Quilt Guild! Yippee! The time I should have used to read the 200+ pages I have to get done this weekend, mini-paper & journal response (both due today), I spent meeting the lovely ladies of the new Tucson Modern Quilt Guild. Our kinda-sorta fearless leader is Melanie of All Above Fabric.

I have no pics to share because I left my camera and projects to share at home. What??? I know! I ran home, took a quiz for one of my classes, changed and drove over to the meeting. There was a group picture taken and I know it will be posted on either the guild website or Melanie's blog on All Above Fabric. Fantastic ladies! Definitely my type of quilters. And we all seem to have the same fabric problem. We joked that we should be the fabric-holics anonymous.

If you are in Tucson, love quilting and fresh & modern fabrics, come join us for the next meeting! We're going to meet the 2nd Thursday of each month and have some other activities planned.

But here's the real Happy Friday for me... as of yesterday afternoon, this beauty is mine. ALL MINE!
Photo from Mac website

Yes, I am now the PROUD owner of a 13-in MacBook Pro! I have always been a Mac girl but somewhere along the line, I ended up owning a PC laptop. And then a PC desktop - which really is Mr. Crafty's computer. I was tired of using the PC, especially being tethered to the computer desk. So I finally persuaded Mr. Crafty that I NEEDED this. I was stalking my laptop via FedEx tracking all week. And yesterday at 12:53pm, it arrived.

Mr. Crafty also got a 160GB iPod Classic to replace his dying 5-year old 64GB iPod. So don't go feeling bad for him. Except that his new iPod arrived on Tuesday, the day after he left for his two week business trip. So he doesn't even get to enjoy it yet :-(

Now I just have to figure out how to set up our old wireless router...
{unless one of my neighbors wants to let me "borrow" their wireless}


Becky said...

So exciting, enjoy! I puffy heart my Macbook Pro that i just got last year. Hubby - a PC - is sick of hearing about it. the only bummer is that its not compatible with some things, like EQ.
And you can totally set up the router, it's amazingly easy with Mac. I did it twice this year with only minimal amts of screaming and cursing (all PC related).

Carla said...

It was fun meeting you Jennifer! You are one lucky lady to have a Mac laptop.