Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Problem = crafty solution

Last week, the new semester started. And I had a problem. And it required a crafty solution!

My online class that runs from now until mid-December has an 800+ page text book (and yes, I will read basically all of it). And for some reason, the textbook manufacturer made this textbook a paperback. And I found it way too floppy and knew it would drive me nuts.

So I made my paperback book into a hard cover!

(Book cover from Target. Hurry, you might still be able to find them on clearance! It's paper and comes in a pack of three. It's meant to be colored with Sharpies but I'm also using crayons & highlighters)

I didn't take any in progress photos, mostly because I wasn't sure if it would work.

Here's what I did:
1. Found a couple sturdy boxes that I could cut up.
2. Trace around the book to get the 2 outer layer cardboard pieces.
3. Line up the 2 cut pieces to make sure they are the right sizes and trim as needed. I ended up trimming about 1/4"-1/2" off one of the long sides
4. Trace the outer cut pieces again for my inner layer cardboard pieces. These need to be cut about 1/2" smaller on the long side because they go on the inside of the cover.

(You can see why the book cover was necessary...)

5. Layer the outer layer on top and the inner layer inside the front cover and secure with rubber bands. Then tape the outer edges of the carboard (NOT the book, if you want to sell this book back). One thing I wish I had done was smooth out my rubber bands before taping. I can feel their twistedness through the book cover. Oh well, if it really bugs me, I can fix it.
6. Cover your new hardcover book with a book cover. I learned how to cover books from my junior year pre-calc teacher in HS. Never knew it would come in handy 14 years later!

I'm sure there are instructions on how to cover a book online but if you have questions, I can walk you through it.

On an unrelated note, the AC died last night. Ugh! I left at 5pm to meet some people for a run, ran to Target and Chipotle on my way home and when I got home at 8pm, the living room was 85 degrees (and got up to about 87). And the AC was blowing hot air. Of course this happened the DAY Mr. Crafty left for a 2 week long business trip. As if I wasn't going to miss him enough, he usually deals with things like this (not that I'm not capable, he just usually does them). So now, instead of going to work, I am waiting for the AC repairman to show up. Sleep last night was pretty miserable. I'm a grumpy (and sweaty) version of myself. I guess that's enough of my pity party.

Here's a couple pics of the crafty assistants "assisting" Mr. Crafty with his packing.
Rory making sure the garment bag flap did not blow away
Maggie supervising
Trixie tried to sneak a ride to Nebraska in Mr. Crafty's duffle bag. She played in that thing for like 20 minutes.

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Staci said...

Oh, I feel for you! Our AC went out last month, late on a Friday afternoon, of course! Hope you got yours back on quickly. So miserable!!

Love your kitties in the suitcases! Ours love to do that, too!