Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I might have really done it now...

I think Mom's sewing machine might be official broken and in need of a trip to the repair shop :-(
A few months ago, I started having trouble with it skipping stitches on zig-zags and then it started skipping stitches on the straight stiches too. I oiled it and it started working better but not 100%. Last night as I was close to finished another quilt top for Art in the Garden this weekend, it stopped working properly :-(
The needle is hitting some part when it goes down. I tried tightening some screws and replaced the needle but no luck. I am going to try a couple more things when I get home tonight but it might be out of commission for a bit. I have my machine as back up but I am not sure how well it will do with machine quilting, espcially since I do not have a walking foot attachment for it.
I know I had put off repairing it when I shouldn't have but we needed to repair my car instead... so it really is my own fault that mom's old Singer has decided to take a nap.

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Nan said...

I feel your pain! I had that situation on my last project. I was trying to satin stitch applique on a duvet on my new Euro Pro Shark machine, and it kept messing up...come to find out the needle was getting stuck behind the bobbin race (the part that holds the bobbin case). Try oiling this, although it sounds like your prob's more mechanical. Long story short, that machine can't handle big, heavy projects--it's built too flimsy and the whole needle/arm thing scoots too easy, causing it to hit off the throat plate. I doubt this is the prob with your singer--I switched back to my mom's Kenmore and zoomed right along! Nothing made out of plastic there, except the shell!

Sorry for the ramble. I hope they can fix it! Make sure you're not pulling on the fabric too much while sewing...so as not to pull the needle over. Don't know if that helps at all!

Good luck!