Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday was "Art in the Garden" and the rough economy was evident. I didn't sell any of my quilts but did sell out of all my smaller items. I also noticed that the other crafters/artists were selling their less expensive items too. Kathleen, who was selling delicious spiced pecans, did the best. I sold 3 crayon rolls and 3 ornaments and could have sold more if I'd had more time to make more. But I gave out my card and have some interest for the future. Now I need to get my Etsy site up & running (at least I have some inventory now).

Mom's machine is in the shop and 2 of her 4 gears are shot. It's not going to be a cheap repair but definitely necessary. Mom wants it fixed. So the $60 I made yeasterday will go towards the repairs and I am hoping mom & dad will pay for part of it since gears wear out voer time so this is not something I did recently. But this puts a serious crimp in my plans to make holiday gifts. I still have Lily's fabric colors book to make plus ornaments for everyone. Mark & Didi might not get their quilt for Christmas either.

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