Friday, May 7, 2010

Learning to embroider

I've been wanting to learn to embroider for awhile. I got Jenny Hart's Stitch-it Kit a bit ago but hadn't had the time to sit down with it.

We're road-tripping it as I write this to my in-law's place in Vegas. Kinda bitter-sweet trip, Mr. Crafty's parents are moving to Amercian Samoa for 2 more than years next month. Airfair is about $1600/person so the quick weekend trips (its about 7-8 hours by car from Tucson to Vegas) or the family holidays won't be happening. We are going to be holding onto their artwork for them but they are selling off most of their possessions. So if you're in the Vegas area, check Craigslist for yard sales & other good deals from them.

Anyway, I grabbed part of the Stitch-It Kit and threw it in my bag. I've taught myself most of the stitches, except the chain stitch so far in the past hour. I didn't bring any of the patterns so I'll have to create my own or just practice some stitches this trip. I did make a little something for Mr. Crafty, as you can see.

Have a great weekend. Blogging from my G1 phone is crazy!

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I just started to embroider, too. I actually quite like it - it's fast! When I quilt, it's a long process, but embroidering... well, I think I'm getting addicted because I can finish something relatively quickly. I hope you love it. Sorry to hear Mr. Crafty's folks are moving so far away. I hope it goes well for them, though.