Sunday, May 30, 2010

New lamps

Oh yes, new lamps are about all it takes to excite a homeowner. No really, this was my excitement eariler. Mr. Crafty & I hit our favorite recycled/upcycled/used bookstore to try to trade in some books, magazines and tchotchkes (had to look up that spelling!) at Bookmans. If you are ever in Tucson, Phoenix, or Flagstaff, Arizona, you have to visit a Bookmans There are 3 in Tucson, 2 in Phx & 1 in Flag.

Anyway, after a rather unsuccessful exchange and finding yet another unicorn protrait to send to Mr. Crafty's brother (3rd time we've found one there), we went to Homegoods in search of new Egyptian cotton towels.

We didn't find any towels but we did find 2 of these lamps! They totally go with our blue & green living/dining/kitchen area and our psuedo, retro 50s vibe. I know I probably could have scored different lamps at a thrift store and maybe covered the shades by myself but these were so perfect already. I couldn't pass them up. And Mr. Crafty (the banker) said OK!

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