Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally finished!!!

I started this quilt back in late November or early December with the hopes of selling it at a craft show called "Art in the Garden"

I had finished the front and back of the quilt (about 36" square) but then my sewing machine died on me. I took just the front & back of this quilt and another with me and explained that my machine was in the shop but if anyone was interested to give me their email and I would email them when it was finished. It was the best I could do.

So, the sewing machine.. Literally, stopped moving. Had to have the gears replaced. And when I got her back from the doctor, I had to quickly try to finish everyone's Christmas presents since it was a 100% homemade Christmas in the Crafty home, except for the new battery for my car that was Mr. Crafty & my gift to each other. Romantic, right?

Anyway, my boss' best friend is expecting a baby any day now. Originally I was supposed to have this done in December for my boss to be able to give to her at the shower she threw for her... and that just didn't happen. Then I started school again and lost all sorts of crafting time.

Here's the back of the quilt
I used 2 cuddly quilt kits from Joann's to put the whole thing together. My mom had bought them for something and then gave them to me so I could make something to sell at the craft show. The pattern that came with the kits just had you make big blocks of fabric for the front and the yellow bubbles (the back border and binding here) was supposed to be the back. I didn't like that so I made my own pattern combining the 2 kits.

It's very soft and cuddly. Since it was a kit, I didn't prewash the fabric and I gave it to my boss without washing it. I am sure it will shrink some, especially since some of the fabrics are flannel.

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