Monday, April 26, 2010

A little before & after

This weekend Mr. Crafty and I did a couple little things to our humble abode. Next month, we will have owned our townhouse for 5 years... which is about 2-3 years longer than we both thought we would be living in this place. Don't get me wrong, we like our little starter home but we thought we'd have moved on & up by now, at least that was the plan when we bought the place. We have definitely made it ours. We are thinking about installing bamboo floors in the kitchen, dining and living rooms sometime this year, if we can find a decent bamboo flooring in our budget.

So several weeks ago, I accidentally broke off one of the slats of our blinds in our living room. Our cats, Maggie & Rory (a.k.a. the crafty assistants) love sitting in the window and staring out at the world so the blinds get disheveled. We kept putting the slat back up, only to have it fall and then while shoving it back up, 2 more broke off. So it was time for a new window treatment.

I've been wanting to get 2" wood blinds for awhile but Mr. Crafty was resistant, I think because we didn't need them. We got these custom cut (for free) to fit our window at Home Depot. They are actually faux wood but I think they are a better option for us. This window gets to hot, afternoon desert sun and I worry that the wood blinds would dry out or something.

I am not sure how the crafty assistants feel about the new blinds. I don't think they've figured out how to get in the window yet. I caught Maggie giving them a "cat scan" this morning.

Also, I should mention that it's a tough time in the Crafty household... I'm a Suns fan and Mr. Crafty is a Blazers fan. We agree to disagree. Hey, if he wants to cheer for them he's free to, I know my Suns are gonna beat them and move onto the next round! GO SUNS!

(Crafty Momma & Crafty Daddy raised me a Suns fan. They have shared season tickets for years and when I was five, our new neighbor turned out to be a Suns forward and my mom even got to sit with the players' wives at a game. I attended the last game at the Madhouse on McDowell (1992), where they played the Blazers and we were so loud the palyers couldn't even hear the refs' whistles. I owned a pair of purple Rebok hightops that I wore with orange socks and purple or orange shorts during my preteen and early teen years. Once in high school, I wore nothing but Suns t-shirts and went over 2 weeks before I repeated one... so yeah, I'm a Suns fan. I bleed purple and orange.)

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