Monday, February 8, 2010


I got home from class tonight - it's supposed to be from 4:30-9:30pm every Monday but we have yet to stay much past 8pm, I'm not complaining! - and was reading some of the blogs I follow to unwind. Mr. Crafty busts into the office/guest room and says "You're looking at quilt porn, aren't you?!"

I actually had just finished checking out the latest post on the Coast to Coast Block Party blog of Wendy's wonky log cabin block for Ebony when he busted into the office. I really need to check my mailbox to see if Ebony's fabric made it all the way from Maryland to Tucson...

This Saturday, I went to my friend Asma's henna party. She is getting married next month and I will lose my last work buddy since she is moving to Houston, which makes me very sad. But I am really happy for her. Asma is originally from Pakistan and henna parties are part of the pre-wedding festivities. the photo above is from just after the henna was applied to my hand and the one below is what my hand looked like the next morning. The color actually got darker after I took the picture (and was a little darker than it looks in the photo).

The women at the party all wore gorgeous brightly colored traditional silk outfits and I was definitely jealous that my sweater and dress pants just were not as cool. I took photos at the henna party but cannot show you any of Asma and her sisters. They wear scarves on their heads in public but were un-scarved at the party. The photo below is Asma's hands. I don't know if you can see the peacock or not.

And these two little girls were soooo freaking cute and well-behaved!

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