Thursday, February 4, 2010

New hobby for the Mr.

I have been reading The Sometimes Crafter's digital photography introduction this week. I have been wanting to get a SLR digital camera but haven't exactly had the funding. So I emailed my brother, the photojournalist, about The Sometimes Crafter's series and asked if he had any suggestions about where we could get a decent SLR camera inexpensively. He offered to let us buy one of his old cameras, a Canon EOS 10D SLR camera for dirt cheap. Call it the sister discount if you want but I'll take it. (This after he sold his old unwanted toys to me when we were kids!) It's currently his backup backup camera.

Mr. Crafty Jennifer loves photography and is very excited. He took photography in high school and loved it. He has his parents old Pentex camera and my Canon that I got when I tried to take black & white photography in college (horrible instructor, I ended up dropping it!). But he hasn't been using these film camera so he is very excited to use something other that our point & shoot Olympus camera. I asked him if he can take the pictures of my quilts and stuff so I can FINALLY get my Etsy site up and running :-)

Now, we just need to find a decent lens cheaply. My brother offered to sell us one of his but it's a little outside the budget for what we planned to spend.

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