Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Have you seen this?

Amy Bulter hand towel!!! (Sorry for the poor picture quality, I snapped it with my phone on my way out the door.) I love Amy Butler's designs and stumbled across this when I was looking for new towels at Bed, Bath and Beyond for me and the mister. I bought only the hand towel because I wasn't sure how he would feel about having Amy Butler towels to dry off with every morning.

His response "does everything have to be blue & green?" (Which I took to mean, no, he did not want Amy Bulter towels)

Hello, Mr. Crafty, is this thing on? We have a lot of blue & green because those are the colors we can agree on for home decor! I managed to splash a little yellow in the kitchen but all my pink/girlie stuff has been sent to my office. Which means my office by default looks super-duper girlie.

So anyway, there is an entire line of Amy Butler stuff at Bed, Bath and Beyond! Which some of you probably knew but I have been living on a tight budget for the past couple years and try to avoid temptation whenever I can, which is hard with all the fantastic lines of fabric out there and the fabric designers crossing over into other aspects of my life!

Oh, and the towels I did pick? I got these super soft towels (in Glacier) that were actually half the price of the Egyptian cotton ones I almost got. Mr. Crafty's comment this morning? They were too soft. Too bad, I like them, especially since I couldn't have the Amy Bulter ones!

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Katie Bishop said...

WHAT! I am going to bed bath and beyond right now!