Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'll have some updates on the limited crafty projects I have done very soon, I promise. They are sitting next to my sewing machine waiting to be photographed and mailed off to their owners.

(Perhaps I can convince Mr. Crafty to use his new (to him) camera and lenses to take some pictures for me. Mr. Crafty & I bought one of my brother's, the photojournalist, old cameras and finally found a great deal on lenses a couple weeks ago. This is Mr. Crafty's new hobby and one he loves.)

I was on the Craft Magazine blog this morning and I found myself saying "OMG, that is freaking awesome!" more than once. I don't actually talk like that but that is the equivalent of what my brain said. I felt I needed to share this awesomeness with you.

#1 Twister raincoat - yeah, it's a raincoat made out of an old Twister game. It's fully lined too!

photos courtsey of her Craftster post

#2 Miniture Quilt Cottage - and she MADE almost everything in this room!!! I would NEVER have the patience for something like this. Seriously, this woman must have the patience of a saint!

Photos coutesy of


Sara said...

The quilt room is sooo sweet--wonder if she sells these:)

trish said...

Wow! I had to go back up to see that it is a miniature! It looks so real. :o)