Monday, June 28, 2010

It ain't pretty but...

Blogger Jandi posted a challenge yesterday: photograph your crafting space as is. Without cleaning anything up. So here it is:

The stuff shoved into the machine is the quilting bee block I am currently working on. That needs to get finished this week. And hanging over the chair is my Quilts for Kids quilt that I still need to finish! The camera bag, water bottle and black t-shirt belong to Mr. Crafty. This is our dining room table that is really my sewing table. It's the first surface that things get put on as you walk in the house so it is usually full of random stuff when I am between projects or busy working on my homework.

The other angle... all that Tula Pink Hushbye is waiting for me to make my quilt from my quilting bee. Except that I am still missing blocks from one member. From March :-(

Here's my stash, for the most part. Some is under our bed but nearly all of it is here. Fairly well organized but Mr. Crafty and I are going to rearrange the room and he keeps talking about giving me my own craft space in the corner of the room where the couch we're selling this weekend at our yard sale is currently wasting space.
That TV is getting sold at the yard sale too. Otherwise, I would be quite annoyed that it was blocking my stash.

Here's a shot of our "office"/guest bedroom (has nothing to do with my crafty space, other than cluttering my brain this week). This is the stuff for our yard sale, so far. The yard sale is to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

(The Dyson is NOT for sale, I love that vaccum. It just ended up next to all the yard sale stuff.) My parents came down yesterday to drop off stuff for the yard sale.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading a quote once that comes in handy at times

'Better a productive mess than a unproductive tidiness.'

And if you ask me Mr Crafty's stuff is taking up way too much space on the craft, I mean dining, table.

Jandi said...

I agree, Mr. Crafty needs to pick up his stuff! lol